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Tantra Massage Washington

Tantra Massage Washington

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Massage WAshington

Pleasure focused tantra massage and sexy cuddling


While I do work closely and intimately with clients, I am primarily a healer and educator.

I do not offer full service or girlfriend-type experiences.


PE, ED, Cancer and Chronic Pain Support

Discover pleasure and healing amidst pain and illness. Overcome libido and intimacy challenges, from discomforts to diagnosed illnesses, all done through 90-minute sessions combining energy healing, talk coaching, and touch. Together, we'll explore new ways to experience fulfillment and intimacy.

90 min $350


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Relax and Rejuvenate

It's all about you

Lie back and relax on my massage table as I ease away the stress of your day. Get out of your head and forget your troubles. Drift away while my hands explore and adore you with sensual touch, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

60 min $250

90 min $350


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Scrumptious Touch and Cuddles

Body-to-Body, Hold and be Held

Experience the ultimate blend of touch and intimacy. The combination of touch and cuddling creates an incredibly delicious and intimate experience that will leave you feeling nourished and fulfilled.

60 min $250

90 min $350

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Tantra Touch

Full Body Sensual Massage

Through guided breath and sound, your experience will be enhanced, prolonging your pleasure and allowing you to be fully present in your body. For those seeking an even deeper connection, the option of Sacred Spot touch is available upon request.

90 min $350

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Tracy Lee

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I'm Tracy, a mature buxom pixie specializing in touch, sensual experiences, and sexual healing. With a background in mindfulness, Reiki healing, tantra, and somatic therapy, I use talk coaching and hands-on body work to address emotions, beliefs, and physical pain. Together, we'll unravel patterns, free you from emotional burdens, and transform physical manifestations.


My office is easy to get to just off the Boeing Freeway in Everett, WA with easy parking. I have a private office that is cozy, comfortable, and inviting.  Shower available.


To contact me use this form.

Have questions? I offer a FREE 15-minute consultation callLet’s chat to see if what I do is right for you.

To know more about Tracy Lee and what else she offers, check out her website.

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